With great craftsmanship we offer you A COMPLETE HYDRAULIC CYLINDER REBUILD FACILITY!!!

As the core product of our shop we are proud to offer you our complete hydraulic cylinder repair services.

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Our standard services include:
1. Complete disassembly of cylinder
2. Checking rod for straightness & imperfections
3. Inspection of cylinder tube
4. Clean & inspect/measure grooves in head & piston
5. Measure & inspect cylinder eyes for wear

Our Rebuild services include:
1. Manufacturing new cylinder rods
2. Manufacturing new cylinder tube
3. Manufacturing new Pistons-Heads-Bushings-Eyes & More
4. Honing the Inside diameter of tubes
5. Polishing rods
6. Glass beading heads
7. Machining new grooves in heads & pistons
8. Installation of new Seals & Wear rings
9. Final assembly & Full pressure testing for leaks and by-pass.

Our full services include Free Pick-Up & Delivery of your product. Free Estimates.

1 Year Warranty
All items are stamped with your invoice number & painted and delivered to your door.

Try us today and find out why our Cylinder rebuilds will last beyond your expectations!!

Specializing in the following industries

  • Industrial
  • Mobile
  • Construction grade cylinders
  • Telescopic cylinders
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